GoRoadie Pro



How can GoRoadie engage their audience while promoting the huge range of time saving features of their new app for driving instructors?


By building a relatable, first person narrative to show the benefits of GoRoadie Pro in action.

Screenshot 2021-12-05 at 20.15.30.png
Screenshot 2021-12-05 at 20.14.27.png
The goal was for this animation to remain friendly and informal, both in visual and narrative, while staying true to the GoRoadie Pro clean interface.
The colours are a softened variation on the main palette, used to accompany unique, simple characters to bring the story to life. 
One of the biggest challenges was cramming so much information in such a short time—without it turning into a minute long lecture. 
A playful narrative with plenty of pace changes and a smattering of humour injected some fun personality to the animation, while visual cues on screen imparted additional information when possible.

GoRoadie Pro - 15 sec (Pupils)
GoRoadie Pro - 15 sec (Pupils)
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GoRoadie Pro - 15 sec (Diary)
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GoRoadie Pro - 15 sec (All of This...)
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A total of six variations of the video were made for different marketing purposes, including 15 second ads to highlight individual key features.
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