Remembering Maria



How can Glasgow Woman’s Library pay tribute to ‘forgotten’ author Maria Firmina dos Reis?


By taking inspiration from her quote

“It is horrible to remember that human creatures treat their fellow human men like this”

the setting of a timeless classroom shows dos Reis’ relevancy & importance in contemporary education.

maria tile 1.png
maria tile 2.png

colour palette inspired by traditional Brazilian artworks

maria 1.3.png
maria final .png
maria tile 3.png


There is limited information available about the life and legacy of Maria Firmina dos Reis—the first published Afro-Brazilian female author. However through subtle details hidden within the scene, this animation is rich in references, such as the Azulejo tiles from her hometown of São Luís.

The calming nature of this cyclical animation will hopefully encourage repeated viewing, and spark peoples interest to find out more about this revolutionary writer & educator.

maria 1.22.png
maria 1.1.png
maria blackboard close up.png
maria colours.png